Xtend-A-Rack: Unique, Simple, Efficient

The Simplified and Efficient Breaker Racking Tool

Xtend-A-Rack is a unique, simple, and efficient solution for the mitigation of the arc flash risk associated with electrical breaker racking. An extensive range of couplings make it compatible with all major types of circuit breakers. It comes with a carrying case for protection during storage and transportation. Plus, it requires minimal regular cleaning and periodic inspections to ensure it is ready for use. It is the most cost-effective and reliable breaker-racking solution on the market.

Tool Reach:

Xtend–A–Rack is an extendable circuit breaker racking tool that is available in either a 3-section or 4-section version.

Part Number Maximum Extension
1) XAR–10156 12.5’ (3.8 m)
2) XAR–10208 17’ (5.18 m)

Electrical Rating:

With an electrical rating of 100 kV/foot, Xtend-A-Rack provides insulation, ensuring maximum safety during operations.


Xtend-A-Rack can apply up to 35 ft. lbs or 47 Nm of torque, making it suitable for a range of low to medium voltage circuit breakers.

Xtend–A–Rack offers many standard couplings for all major types of breakers from leading OEMs including:

  2. ABB ITE 5HK and KLIne
  3. ABB SACE/Emax
  4. Eaton Magnum DS/SB/MW
  5. Eaton VCP-W
  6. Eaton VCP-T
  7. Federal Pioneer H Series
  8. GE AK
  9. GE PowerVac
  10. GE WavePro
  11. Powell PowlVAC
  12. Powell Power/VAC
  13. Schneider MasterPact
  14. Siemens SION
  15. Schneider VR

User-Friendly Features

Fiberglass Shaft:

Xtend-A-Rack is made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP). The material is characterized by its lightweight nature, robustness, and durability. The shaft, compliant with ASTM F711, boasts an electrical withstand rating of 100 kV per foot. The trilobular shape increases its torque capacity and minimizes shaft flex.

Simple Maintenance:

Maintenance of Xtend-A-Rack is quite simple. It requires only regular visual inspection, cleaning, and the application of the approved live line tool wax to keep it in good condition. Any damage or wear must be addressed immediately to ensure safe operation. Replacement sections can be ordered from Xtend-A-Rack if required.

Couplings For Wide Range Of Circuit Breakers:

Standard couplings are available for all major types of breakers from leading OEMs including ABB, Eaton, General Electric, Powell, Schneider, and Siemens. Additionally, Amidyne can design a custom coupling to fit your specific application. Each coupling is designed to be quick–change and requires no modification of the breaker or breaker enclosure to be securely attached.

Carrying And Storage Options:

Xtend-A-Rack comes with a protective carrying case for easy storage and transportation. The case is designed to hold the device and multiple couplings in one convenient place.

More Xtend-A-Rack Product Features


Amidyne can design a custom coupling to fit your specific application. Each coupling is designed to be quick–change and requires no modification of the breaker or breaker enclosure to be securely attached.


Xtend-A-Rack is a safe circuit breaker racking tool, aligned with best practices from NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 standards for workplace electrical safety. It provides operator safety beyond the arc-flash boundary.


The Xtend-A-Rack shaft and drive components are resistant to corrosion, moisture, and humidity, making the tool durable and long-lasting.


Xtend-A-Rack stands out as an economical option for low and medium voltage breaker racking equipment. It presents a more affordable alternative compared to other available tools for breaker racking on the market.

Safety Information

The Xtend-A-Rack circuit breaker racking tool was developed to align with best practices from electrical safety standards NFPA 70E and CSA Z462. Users of the device must always follow their approved work and safety procedures.

  • The tool shall only be used and serviced by trained and competent personnel who are familiar with workplace electrical safety standards and the regulations within their jurisdiction.
  • The tool shall be used with personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with accepted workplace safety procedures.
  • The tool shall be used for low and medium-voltage circuit breakers in compliance with established arc flash boundaries.
  • The tool shall be examined for any damage or wear before usage. Before usage, any wear or damage should be repaired.
  • The tool shall only be used with the recommended Xtend-A-Rack breaker coupling.
  • The tool shall be kept and transported in the carrying case provided to avoid damage and ensure safe storage.

Steps To Reduce Arc Flash Hazard

  • Identify the arc flash boundary on the breaker warning label, if available.
  • Verify that Xtend-A-Rack reaches beyond the calculated arc flash boundary distance stated on the breaker’s Shock and Arc Flash warning label, if available.
  • Choose the proper breaker coupling.
  • Connect the coupling to the breaker.
  • Attach the 90˚ head on the Xtend-A-Rack to the coupling.
  • Extend the shaft to the length necessary to be beyond the arc flash boundary, as determined in your documented Shock and Arc Flash Risk Assessment procedures.
  • Attach the ratchet to the opposite end.
  • Once you have confirmed that you and all others are beyond the arc flash boundary, turn the ratchet in a smooth, continuous manner to rack the breaker.
  • Start the racking of the distribution circuit breaker.

Keep Your Team Safe

We are committed to providing safe and reliable electrical safety solutions, and we encourage all electrical distribution operators to prioritize safety by following proper safety guidelines. We believe that by collaborating together to make a safe workplace, we can protect our workers while also improving efficiency and achieving long-term success.

“Keep your Team Safe, Ensure Their Safe Return Home”