The Problem We Solve

Those who rack circuit breakers face significant risks on the job. Breaker-racking solutions that work outside the arc flash boundary are often expensive and difficult to maintain. Xtend-A-Rack offers a portable, affordable, safe, and highly effective breaker racking solution.

Key Features Of Xtend-A-Rack

Xtend-A-Rack is a unique racking solution. Finally, there’s a simple, cost-effective breaker rack solution for electrical maintenance operators and managers. Its features include:

Widely Compatible

This product is compatible with low-to-medium voltage electrical breakers from leading OEMs such as ABB, Eaton, General Electric, Powell, Schneider, and Siemens.

Durable & Well Designed

Xtend-A-Rack is lightweight, durable, resilient to corrosion, and long-lasting.

Easy to Use & Maintain

It delivers a quick-change coupling system and intuitive operation with minimal training. Plus, annual maintenance involves only regular visual inspection and cleaning.

Safety Standards Compliant

It is aligned with best practices in NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 electrical safety standards.

Portable & Extendable

There are two extension options for greater flexibility. With a convenient carrying case, it is ready to use right out of the box.


Offers the most reliable, cost-effective rack out breaker solution on the market.

What Is Racking A Breaker?

Racking a circuit breaker involves physically connecting or disconnecting a circuit breaker from an electrical bus. The need to rack a breaker is part of regular electrical plant operations, breaker maintenance and repair programs.

The Xtend-A-Rack is designed to connect to your existing breaker racking mechanism without modification to the breaker or breaker enclosure. With the Xtend-A-Rack, breaker racking can be performed safely and with the confidence of a secure connection to the racking mechanism.

Racking A Breaker Can Be Dangerous

A life-threatening arc flash can occur when racking a breaker into or out from its bus connection. The significant risks to this type of work can arise suddenly due to:

Unforeseen Physical Hazards

Simple Human Error

Equipment Maintenance Issues

Work Safety Practice Issues

The innovative Xtend-A-Rack allows breakers to be racked outside the arc flash boundary. This minimizes the exposure to potential arc flash and other electrical hazards, ensuring a much safer work environment for operators.

What Is An Arc Flash?

An arc flash is a sudden release of electrical energy due to a short circuit or fault in equipment such as electrical breakers, switchgear, panels, and electrical cabinets that produces an intense explosion of heat, light, and pressure. Arc flashes can cause severe burns, injuries from flying debris, and even fatalities.

An arc flash can occur without warning. Racking an electrical breaker without proper precautions and electrical safety measures increases the risk of an arc flash incident.

Establishing An Electrical Safety Boundary

When racking a breaker, one of the most effective methods to mitigate an arc flash hazard is to perform the work outside of the arc flash boundary, as illustrated. As part of an effective electrical safety program, arc flash boundaries are often, but not always identified and prominently indicated on the face of breaker enclosures.

Is Xtend-A-Rack A Suitable Solution For Your Operation?

Frequently Asked Questions

What models of electrical breakers are supported?

Please see the list of breakers for the Xtend-A-Rack solution on our product page.

What is the arc flash boundary for my breakers?

It is important to know what the boundary of risk is for your electrical breakers. The arc flash boundary of your breakers should be determined by a qualified professional in compliance with NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 guidelines.

Xtend-A-Rack was designed with this in mind. As a result, it comes with a 3 or 4 section extending shaft to move a worker 12 to 17 ft away from the arc flash hazard.

What differentiates Xtend-A-Rack from other products?

Traditionally, the need for safely racking breakers has been met by products that are expensive and complicated. Too often, companies purchase these other products but don’t use them regularly. In some cases, personnel require additional training to use them and staff turnover becomes a problem in the ongoing use of the product. Some breaker racking products are cumbersome and complicated and, unfortunately, fall into disuse as a result. 

So while operator risk for arc flash incidents remains very high, and solutions are available, the workplace hazard remains. These considerations were part of the design and engineering of the Xtend-A-Rack solution. As a result, electrical safety operators now have a safe, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective racking solution.

What regions does your company serve?

Xtend-A-Rack is available across Canada, the USA, and worldwide. Contact us for more details.